The College has undertaken the uphill task of publishing a Management Journal. The quarterly Journal titled “The NEF Journal of Commerce & Management” (ISSN-2231-492X) was formally inaugurated by the Governor of Maghalaya, His Excellency, Sri Ranjit Sekhar Moosahary in presence of hosts of management professionals.

The Journal attempts to focus on some of the vital areas relevant in the managerial aspects. The Journal provides an in-depth analysis of significant topics tracing the recent developments in the discipline of commerce and management. The Journal also gives scope to research notes, comments and review articles.

Download Journal : Vol-1 Issue-1 (Januaray-March,2011)
Download Journal : Vol-1 Issue-2 (April-June,2011)
Download Journal : Vol-1 Issue-3 (July-Sepetember,2011)
Download Journal : Vol-1 Issue-4 (Oct-December,2011)
Download Journal : Vol-2 Issue-1 (Januaray-March,2012)
Download Journal : Vol-2 Issue-2 (April-June,2012)
Download Journal : Vol-2 Issue-3 (July-Sepetember,2012)
Download Journal : Vol-2 Issue-4 (Oct-December,2012)
Download Journal : Vol-3 Issue-1 (Januaray-March,2013)
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