The College has a well-equipped library with nearly 4000 books, and in addition there is a series of All India Reporter from 1975 to upto date and other Journals.The College subscribes a good number of Law Journals including Modern Law Review besides newspapers and magazines of general nature. Multiple copies of prescribed and the other useful books on the various subjects of study are made available to the students. The Library has a full-time qualified Librarian. Library remains open from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all working days. It remains closed on Sundays and holidays.



1. Britannica (29 Volumes)
2. Encyclopedia of IT (10 Volumes)
3. World Legal System (4 Volumes)
4. Encyclopedia of Central Act & Rules (22 Volumes)
5. Encyclopedia of Child Labour (2 Volumes) by Nanjunda C.
6. Encyclopedia of Child Labour (2 Volumes) by Promila Mahajan (S. Chand.)
7. Land & People (36 Volumes)
8. Encyclopedia of Social Welfare (4 Volumes)
9. Encyclopedia of Sociology (11 Volumes)
10. Encyclopedia of Child Development ( 4 Volumes)
11. Encyclopedia Women & Children problem. (2 Volumes)

A student on the rolls of the college has to obtain the Library Card in the First Term only.
Each student will be issued three “Library Cards”. He/She borrows one book against one card which he/she will deliver to the Librarian.
The three cards are to be kept by the student in his personal custody. In case of loss of any card he should at once report to the Principal, in writing.
A student will be allowed to borrow not more than three books at a time.
A student will be issued books for a peiod of fifteen days from the date of the issue.
A student has to return the books borrowed, on or before the date stamped on the Due Date Slip.
A fine of Re 1 shall be paid by the borrower for each day of delay.
Reference books and current journals are not for borrowing.
The book may be renewed only after the return of the book and re-issued, provided there is no reservation of the book by another person.
The borrower has to replace the book or pay the cost of the book if it is torn or badly damaged or lost. This is in addition to the payment of fine. If fine is not paid within a week, the student shall not be entitled to borrow any book thereafter.
A book will be issued only to the student concerned and not to any one else.
A student has to return all the books and obtain “No Dues” from the Library so as to enable him to collect the Hall-Ticket for the Semester Examinations.

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